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Why should I use a Travel Consultant?



In today’s environment with the ease of looking and booking everything online, the consumer now is given the illusion that they do not need a Travel Consultant to book their trip.  If you consider a Travel Consultant just an order taker, then yes you can probably book that trip to visit Aunt Minnie on your own.   We are however FAR more than that.  Today’s Professional Travel Consultants do more than just fill your order. We help you with a myriad of services and help you navigate the confusion of travel information overload. We do the work that you could spend hours and days trying to do on your own.

Here is the best way to think about this.  If you wanted to redo your kitchen you might contact a Design Consultant, who would consult with you about your wants and needs. They would then come up with an initial plan which could be revised until you agree it sounds perfect.   The Design Consultant now goes behind the scenes to contact the contractors, get permits and shop for all the components needed to complete your kitchen.   Could you do this on your own and not go the Design consultant?  Sure!  Would you spend hours and hours doing this?  Most definitely!


Think of your Travel Consultant as your Vacation Design Consultant. We will sit down and discuss your travel needs.  We come up with an initial plan and present it to you.  Together we tweak it until it is what you want. We then go behind the scenes to all our suppliers to get this booked and taken care of for you.  Could you do this on your own?  Sure!  Would you spend hours and hours doing this? Most likely!  Could you miss something important that you needed to know or visit a website that either does not care for customer service or is a disreputable site?  It happens more often than you know!  Could I have a problem on my trip, which I booked on my own, and have no one to call to help me resolve it?  Absolutely!


These are all reasons to contact a Professional Travel Consultant.  Consider your T.I.M.E!

We take the TIME to find out about your INTERESTS so we can give you the best value for your MONEY, with the least amount of ENERGY on your part.





Why should I let a travel consultant book my vacation/tour package or cruise?  Won’t  I pay more?



Actually no!  So why not let us so the work for you?  Suppliers pay us a commission to book their product. The traveler might logically think that if you bypass the travel consultant  they are getting a better price.  BUT NO! That is not the case. 99% of the time it is the same cost.  There are always some exceptions  which is why I can’t give you the 100% answer.  It also varies by each Travel Agency. But at Tempo Travel Service we try to keep our processing fees to a minimum.  If a supplier pays us a commission we usually do not add any additional processing fee.  





So sometimes Travel Agencies charge a fee for me to use their services?



The short answer is YES.  That being said however, the amounts and reasons for those charges are as vast as the amount of agencies.  I can only answer for sure about Tempo Travel Service. Our “Process Fee” will depend on exactly what you want us to help you with.  Please NEVER feel worried about asking any agency what fees they charge.  At Tempo Travel Service we are always upfront with our quotes and if a “process fee” applies we will let you know.* 


*as much as we love all of our customers, we are still a business with overhead and salaries.  Since some suppliers do not pay us anything to book their product, we may add extra fee’s in some cases.  But keep in mind that your time is valuable and by using us we are helping to maximize your free time by doing the work for you.





Will I have trouble getting seat assignments?



The airlines currently are making a lot of the money on “ancillary” services, which means the extra things they charge for which used to be free.

Seat assignments are often free of charge, but the airlines who do still offer this only allocate a portion of their seats to be pre-assigned, and once those are taken, you may have to pay extra, or possibility have to wait until the day of your flight to get the seats assigned.

If you cannot obtain seats in advance, some airlines will offer “premium” seats for sale in advance. That may include bulkhead seats (those behind the dividing walls) and exit row seats which are normally not assignable until the day of departure. Specific airlines may also offer seats with more leg room for an additional fee.  Ask us about seating on your flights when you purchase your tickets, and we will explain your options.






Do I need to check in and obtain boarding passes in advance?



For domestic travel, you can check in and print out your boarding passes from your home computer or do the check in process from your Android or IPhone if you have the app for that airline.  You can also wait to check in till you arrive at the airport on the day of your flight. If you have only carry-on items, having the boarding pass in advance would allow you to go more directly thru security to your gate.


One exception where advanced check in is wise, is if you are flying on Southwest Airlines and

did not choose to purchase their early-bird boarding priority.  In that case you will get a better boarding number when you check in online 24 hours before your flight depart time. They do not do assign specific seats and you select your seat when you board the airplane.  Getting a boarding number that allows you to get on the plane earlier will give you a better chance of getting the seats you want especially if you are flying with your family. 





What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?



If you can contact us on your cell phone during normal business hours, we may be able to advise you what options you may have.  If you are in a long line, you could also try to call your airline on their toll-free customer service number. (Google it on your I-Phone) An airline reservationist may be able to rebook you, before you get to the head of the line at the counter.    DO NOT just leave the airport. If you are not changed to a new flight your computerized reservation will think you were a no show for the flight, and you might lose the value of that ticket.  It is a good idea to have a valid credit card with you in the event you are forced to have an unexpected overnight before they can put you on the next plane.  Sometimes the airline will offer vouchers for this, but many times they will not.  If a flight is cancelled due to weather the airline is not obligated to pay for your hotel room should you need to stay overnight.  When booking flights we always suggest choosing an earlier time of day for your flights.  That way you may have other flight options open to you if your flight is cancelled compared to having booked the last flight of the day.


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